Charles Showers

Hon. President of CSSL Board of Trustees

Hon. Charles Showers is a wildlife management expert and bird-watching enthusiast.
After his studies and work engagements in wildlife management and protection, and IBAs (Important Bird Areas) in Tanzania and Kenya, he came back to his home country Sierra Leone to support conservation efforts and wildlife protection here. During the last decade’s Hon. Charles Showers was working for Tagucama Chimpanzee Sanctuary, the Gola Rainforest, and of course CSSL.

Hon. Charles Showers entered our board as a floor member and became president in 2016. He supports our work with his experience in wildlife protection as well as in getting more people involved with conservation through bird-watching tours around Freetown.

Jusufu Conteh

Hon. Secretary of CSSL Board of Trustees

Elizabeth Kamara

Hon. Deputy Secretary of CSSL Board of Trustees

Hon. Elizabeth L.A. Kamara is the deputy secretary to the Board of Trustees. She is a lecturer in the Department of Language Studies at Fourah Bay College, the University of Sierra Leone and Head of the English Unit. She became a member of Conservation Society of Sierra Leone (CSSL) in 2015. She has attended a lot of workshops in Freetown and the provinces. Over the years, she has learnt a lot from CSSL and the organization also benefits from her expertise.

Hon. Elizabeth Kamara seizes every moment to sensitize her family, friends, students and neighbours about the importance of preserving and respecting the environment. She also employs poetry as a powerful platform for raising awareness on the wise use of the environment.

Augusta Kallone

Hon. Treasurer of CSSL Board of Trustees

Victor Barnard-Cole

Hon. Representative -West of CSSL Board of Trustees

Hon. Victor Banard Cole is a Journalist and a Human Right activist.

He has been involved in environmental advocacy since 1994 whilst he worked at SLBSTV now SLBCTV. Hon. Victor Barnard-Cole was Country Manager for Environmental Justice Foundation Sierra Leone – HQ in UK between 2009 and 2014. He is a proud believer and supporter of environmental campaigns generally.

He is presently the Western Area Regional Representative – CSSL Board of Trustees.

Osman Jalloh Timbo

Hon. Representative -North of CSSL Board of Trustees

Because of his love for nature and his pride in his natural environment Hon. Osman Jalloh Timbo decided to study Tourism.
While working with the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs as a Tour guide and the National Tourist Board under the Tourist Information Office (T.I.O) which is a sub branch under the Marketing department, he became
concerned by the deforestation that threatened the Sierra Leone environment and then he decided to solve the issue by establishing an organization that comprises well-meaning youths in his community. With the small wealth of experience that he got from all the reputable institutions that he has served. Their task is to educate people about the wise use of the natural environment and also raising awareness about the importance of trees.

They also organise tree planting activities around schools, houses and places of worship within and out of their community.

Sonia Sillah

Hon. Floor Member of CSSL Board of Trustees

Hon. Sonia Silla became a member of CSSL in the Year 2000 as an intern.
Participated in tree planting exercises and organizing field trips for nature clubs when she was with CSSL.

She became a Board member in 2016 as a Deputy Secretary and later became a Floor Member to date.

Hon. Sonia Sillah is fond of nature and she is also the head of the CSSL membership committee.

Senesie Amara

Hon. Floor Member of CSSL Board of Trustees

Tamba N. Morsay

Hon. Floor Member of CSSL Board of Trustees

Hon. Tamba N. Morsay is a social scientist. With a major in international tourism and hospitality management, minor in strategic human resource management and a wealth of experience in global quality assurance issues.

As Head of Department for the tourism Dept. of the Milton Margai Technical University, he created the first nature conservation club in the university.
Hon. Tamba N. Morsay became a member of the CSSL Board of Trustees in 2016. And until now he is still actively participating through, environmental awareness raising, tree planting activities and Birdwatching exercises on campus and in his community.
In view of the above, his interest therefore in environmental preservation and conservation can clearly be seen standing like the mountain of truth from the midst of uncertainty and cannot be over emphasized.