Background and short history

The Biodiversity and Protection Areas Management (BIOPAMA) programme contributes to improving the long term conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and natural resources in Africa, Caribbean and Pacific regions in protected areas and surrounding communities through better use and monitoring information and capacity development and governance.

Increasing threat on biodiversity of the Kambui Hills Forest Reserve (KHFR) is growing at an alarming rate and it calls for both national and regional concern. It is clear that, the KHFR forms a fragment of the threatened upper Guinean forest and, by extension, the greater Gola Rainforest landscape which makes it unique for species diversity.

Nevertheless, concerns of high encroachment on the reserve is growing day by day that needs strong collaborative efforts for it sustainable protection. Hence, the government alone cannot undertake the venture due to its limited budget, amongst other challenges. It is on this note that the Conservation Society of Sierra Leone, a leading environmental and conservation institution has joint hands with the Government of Sierra Leone to protect, reinstate and ensure proper conservation of the reserve. Through its donor support, however, CSSL is in the lead to complement government efforts to protect the biodiversity of the Kambui Hills Forest Reserve.

Situation we are facing

  1. High level of encroachment into the reserve as a result of illegal activities
  2. Exponential population increase is a major threat to the biodiversity and conservation
  3. Low level of awareness on the importance of biodiversity is threat to the reserve

Our Goal

To secure the future of Kambui Hills Forest Reserve

Our approach

Stakeholder’s consultation and community participatory approach to achieve the overall objective of the project.

Outcomes we want to reach

  1. The status, boundaries and ecosystem functions of the Kambui Hills North and South Forest Reserves better understood by key stakeholders
  2. Kambui Hills Forest Reserves governance improve and supports sustainable management and protection by all stakeholders
  3. Communities have enhanced capacity to sustain livelihoods and protect forest

News about our work at the Kambui Hills

Aruna Koroma

Project Manager

More information

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