Protecting nature and enabling sustainable development

As oldest environment organization of Sierra Leone, it is our duty and our most important aim to protect biodiversity and wildlife habitats in Sierra Leone. Conservation is a very broad topic which is linked to wildlife protection as well as to peoples livlihood, sustainable development and governments policies. That´s why we work in different areas to achieve our goal – the conservation of Sierra Leones beautiful and precious natural ressources and biodiversity.

The four pillars of our work

  • Saving species
  • Protecting sites and habitats
  • Conserving ecological sustainability
  • Enabling communities for positive change

The approaches followed in our projects

  • Advocacy for policy reform and implementation
  • Community outreach to increase policy compliance and implementation
  • Strengthen local community structures with skills and knowledge for effective environment management on community level
  • Strengthen protected area management structures and mechanisms

Joint efforts for conservation: our projects

In our efforts to protect nature and conserve biodiversity in Sierra Leone we recieve great support from our international partners. With their help we are able to plan und implement our actions. Here you find a selection of our current and past projects.

Projects completed

Edward Sesay


More information

For any general information on our projects please contact our Program Manager Edward Sesay