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Stopping deforestation at the Greater Gola Landscape
The PAPFor project supports Communities at the edges of the national park to protect the
forest through community forest, sustainable logging and Ecotourism.
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Conservation Society of
Sierra Leone

The Conservation Society of Sierra Leone (CSSL) was established in 1986 to promote a better life for all in tune with the environment. Our main mission is to preserve nature and ensure wise and sustainable use of our precious natural resources for the benefit of the country`s biodiversity, people`s livelihood, and the quality of life of all people in Sierra Leone.

Hippo underwater, pygmy hippopotamus in water through glass, Khao Kheo open zoo, Thailand
Treetops of Dense Tropical Rainforest With Morning Fog Located Near The Malaysia-Kalimantan Border

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Conservation is more important then ever to fight climate change and its consequences for people and nature.

We can not win this battle alone, we need your support for a healthy tomorrow and a world in which humans, animals and plants will be able to live.

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