The Conservation Society of Sierra Leone (CSSL) is a membership-based organisation open to the general public and includes members from many different backgrounds. CSSL`s strength to intervene and take action for biodiversity and sustainable development is largely dependent on support from our members.

Become a member today and help to save the planet for tomorrow

Sierra Leone`s magnificent and incredible wildlife and its habitats now face more threats of extinction than before. This trend is dangerous and poses a big threat to sustainable human survival. We are all facing the consequences of climate change, deforestation and pollution: potable water is becoming a rare source; landslides are a danger for people living on the hillsides; weather conditions are getting more and more unpredictable for farmers; the extinction of animals shows consequences in the big circle of life also for human beings.

With your membership you will support us:

    • to address the current and emerging conservation challenges like wildlife and environmental degradation and climate change.
    • to train communities in ensuring their sustainable livelihood while protecting the forest and its wildlife.
    • to establish new School Nature Clubs and continue our programme of environmental education as well as help to train young Sierra Leoneans to actively participate in conservation and environmental protection.
    • to maintain our campaigns for the protection of watershed and water sources.
    • to continue our campaign for endangered species like Sea Turtles, Manatees, Pygmy Hippopotamus and many more.
    • to campaign for better laws and to complement government efforts in protecting our biodiversity.

As a member of CSSL you have full access to our information centre. You will be invited to CSSL`s general meetings, lectures, film shows and bird-watching excursions.

And most important: You have the satisfaction of knowing that you are conserving nature for yourself and future generations!

For information on membership categories please check the table below:


Membership Category

Annual Subscription Rates



Le 2,000.00 (only once for new members)


Student Member

Le 28,000.00


Individual / Ordinary Member

Le 50,000.00


Corporate Partner

Le 400,000,00


International/Individual Member

$30.00 (or the Leone equivalent)


International Corporate Partner

$250.00 (or the Leone equivalent)


Family / children Members

Le 50,000,00

Margaret Ngaujah


More information

For more information on how to become a member please send a message to or contact our

Admin and Human Resource Officer Margaret Ngaujah


Phone: +232 76 325 732