Conservation is more important then ever

to fight climate change and its consequences for people and nature.

We can not win this battle alone,

we need your support for a healthy tomorrow and
a world in which humans, animals and plants will be able to live.

Support us!

With your membership:

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With financial support for conservation and nature!

Your donation will enable us 
  • to react immediately on conservation emergencies
  • to strengthen our advocacy work
  • to continue our environmental education at schools
  • to constantly make noise for the importance of conservation
  • to conduct important biodiversity studies on the state of the environment and species
  • to support communities with low scale restoration projects and alternative livelihoods

Bank details for support for the Conservation Society of Sierra Leone:

Account Name: CSSL

Bank Name: Zenith Bank SL Ltd.

Address: 35A Freetown Road, Lumley, Freetown

Account Number: 6010307686