The Conservation Society of Sierra Leone (CSSL) starts the celebration of the 2023 Wildlife Week today. We want to celebrate our wildlife and all species that are protected through the Wildlife Act.

But we have to ask ourselves: Are people in Sierra Leone aware of the Wildlife Act? The 1972 Wildlife Act has severally been amended to protect certain species of our country from being hunted, traded, and eaten.

“Everyone of us has seen someone with a monkey on a rope in the street; most of us know someone who has eaten monkey soup, who captures wild animals or even has them as pets in homes. These activities are not only prohibited by the Wildlife Act for biodiversity conservation and wildlife protection, but also to protect humans from diseases contracted from close contact with wildlife.”

Wild animals belong to the wild! NOT in our homes because:

  • even if they look cute, they can transmit diseases.
  • each animal plays an important role to stabilize the ecosystem. 
  • the wilderness is their home – this is where their family is.
  • animals can become violent when in captivity. 
  • once in captivity, it is not easy to set them free, when they are not used to the wild.

Support us to spread awareness and let people know, why wild animals belong to the wild, NOT in our homes. 

You can share and download the stickers and the poster:
open and download the poster “I am not a pet”
open and download the sticker “I am not a pet”