As part of national preparatory measures to forestall any future oil and gas pollution on marine environment in Sierra Leone, the Conservation Society of Sierra Leone (CSSL), with funding support from Mava Foundation through PRCM, and under the national coordination of the Environment Protection Agency – Sierra Leone, has completed the formation of seven (7) Local Watch and Alert Committees in coastal communities across the country.


The activities were conducted from 9th through 15th October, 2021 and targeted Rokupr, Mambolo, Sulima, Gbondapi, Shenge, Aberdeen and Tombo communities in Kambia, Pujehun, Moyamba and Western Area Urban and Rural districts respectively. Generally, the committees constitute critical walks of life that are linked directly or indirectly to marine related resources. They include boat-owners, wayfarers/boat operators, fishermen, fishmongers, farmers, harbor masters, local fishery officials, local maritime officials, and local authorities among others.

The formation of these committees was also used as a means to pass on sensitization key messages to communities on the hazards of oil and gas pollution on marine life, and how this also has serious negative implications on the socio-economic lives of coastal communities and the country generally.