Our latest Newsletter is out with interesting stories from the Gola Landscape, the kick-off of our new project in the Yawri Bay and the presentation of one of our favorite birds – the Emerald Starling.

Enjoy the lecture!

In this issue:

  • The Waterbird Census 2023 along the East Atlantic Flyway – a Global Bird Monitoring Initiative
  • Partnering with Local Communities to preserve forests in Sierra Leone
  • Black Johnson – a lost paradise?
  • The future of the Yawri Bay is our concern: PAPBio project kicks off with an inception meeting
  • A mother of three changes her life to help protect the forest
  • Bird of the Quarter: The Emerald Starling
  • Is Demarcation enough to protect the Kambui Hills Forest Reserve? Interview with Project Manager Aruna Koroma

To read the Newsletter click on the photo above or follow this link: CSSL Newsletter 1-2023