The Conservation Society of Sierra Leone proudly presents the first part of the environmental video series “We for Nature. Nature for Us.”

Sierra Leone is a country of rich biodiversity and the home to unique species. We call our country home to the Western Chimpanzee, the Pigmy Hippo, the White-necked Picathartes, sea turtles and many other animals and plants which are not found in other parts of the world. But our environment is under pressure. Our forests are decreasing. Our fishing areas are lacking fish. Our country is getting more and more affected by consequences of climate change and environmental destruction.

The Conservation Society of Sierra Leone works in different parts of the country with communities and for communities to protect their own environment for the better of all – for the better of people and nature. In our video series “We for Nature. Nature for Us.” we present the unique ecosystems of Sierra Leone, the challenges, people are facing and the solutions we are working on to ensure that nature will take care of us also tomorrow.

The first part of our documentary series shows “The Western Area Peninsula Forest – Our green lung and water catchment under threat”.