Lake Sonfon: a neglected biodiversity-rich cultural heritage

Lake Sonfon is a fresh water mountain lake in Diang chiefdom, northeast of Sierra Leone. It has religious and cultural significance to nearby communities and towns. It is located in the hills of the Sula Mountains at an altitude of 549 m (1,801 ft) above sea level. The lake drains from its southern end, which forms the source of the Pampana River, and is fed by seven small streams with its water level varying considerably during the year.

This documentary, produced by the Conservation Society of Sierra Leone, exposes the ongoing massive destruction on the lake by mining activities for gold, as well as logging and unsustainable farming practices. It vividly shows the negative impacts of such activities on the environment, biodiversity and the health of nearby communities which depend on the water sourced from the lake for drinking and other domestic purposes.

CSSL Newsletter 2-2024

In this issue, the Conservation Society of Sierra Leone promotes livelihood activities in Big wata community to encourage the community to move away from the

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