Lake Sonfon - without immediate action, the lake´s ecosystem will be gone forever.

Our colleague, Mohamed Turay, has sent us altering and shocking news: international companies are operating outside of their licensed areas, they mine directly inside of Lake Sonfon.

Lake Sonfon is not only an Important Bird Area (IBA) and Key Biodiversity Area (KBA) with endemic species like the Emeral Starling living around the lake – but Lake Sonfon is also an important heritage site for the people of Diang Chiefdom.



If we don´t act now, the lake will be gone in 6 months.” Our colleague, Mr Turay is calling out to the government and our President to save Lake Sonfon. Please take your time and listen to Mr Turay´s message and the serious situation at the lake.

The Conservation Society of Sierra Leone has successfully worked with the communities around the lake to stop the mining in 2021. It is a sad and catastrophic setback for the biodiversity of the area and the human health that mining activities have started again. And as we have to witness, now also bush burning has started.

Let´s work together! Let´s save Lake Sonfon! It´s now or it´s too late…


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