The Conservation Society of Sierra Leone (CSSL) with support from Wetlands International through the PAPBIO project has started the restoration of mangroves in Morchail, Ribbi Chiefdom, Yawri Bay. The goal is to restore at least four hectares of mangrove forest in the Yawri Bay.

Finally, on Friday, 21st July, the day had come to start the reforestation. The activity started with an engagement with the communities and the mangrove restoration committee. The air was full of excitement as this was the day for which we have been waiting since we have started the PAPBio project earlier this year. It was clear that everyone was eager to start with the planned action when we went to the site to start with the demarcation and site clearing. By Friday evening step one has successfully been accomplished.

On Saturday morning the whole community was back to continue with the work – men and women, young and old. “Very much inspiring! See my active and enthusiastic ladies in action collecting mangrove propagules for restoration in the Yawri Bay.” Texted our project coordinator, Abdulai Dauda, from the site. By the end of the day, many baskets and bags were prepared full of mangrove propagules. Community ownership and participation is a must to secure sustainability. This is the reason why CSSL invests a lot in community work and relationship building before starting conservation activities. Only with a strong relationship we can be sure to work for the future.

On the third day of the engagements the planting started. “All is set here this morning to commence the planting exercise. Transportation and sorting of propagules before planting is ongoing. My elegant and enthusiastic men and women are heavily braced up this morning to start the planting.” With this wonderful news we started on Sunday.The plantation went on the whole day.

The photo collection in the little video shows how communities in their joyous mood were planting new mangroves. Working with communities, ensuring their acceptability and participation makes conservation work easier. Pictures tell more then words can ever do – we invite you to witness the great job done by community members and the PAPBio team at Yawri Bay during the last days.