Sierra Leone is a country rich in biodiversity and species. There are more then 600 bird species in Sierra Leone – several of them are threatened. As deforestation, urbanisation and environmental pollution are going on since many years, habitats and food chains of our birds are in danger.
Birds are important indicators for the health of ecosystems and they are early warning systems when something is wrong with the environment.
The Conservation Society of Sierra Leone (CSSL) – together with SpringAlive, BirdLife and Heidelberg Cement – undertakes environmental education activities with school children to prepare them to become ambassadors of nature. This year our main focus is on threatened bird species in Sierra Leone. The status of the bird species are categorised according to the IUCN redlist, the international inventory of the global conservation status and extinction risk of biological species.

Do you know our threatened bird species and their IUCN Redlist status?

Click on the picture to find our whether you guessed the name and the IUCN status right.

You find all threatened species on our new poster. Click on the photo on the right to open the PDF and download the poster. 

Share your knowledge, help us to raise awarness and protect our birds from extinction!