World Environment Day is celebrated each year on the 5th of June on the whole planet. World Environment Day 2023 is a reminder that people’s actions on plastic pollution matters. It is time to #BeatPlasticPollution.

Learn why plastic is so dangerous for us and our environment and see what you can do to stop plastic pollution.

Dangers of Plastic Pollution to Humans and Nature

More than 90% of all birds and fish are believed to have plastic particles in their stomachs. Animals like fish, birds and other sea animals, i.e. turtles eat
plastic because they think it is food. This leads to starvation, endocrine disruption, stunted growth in
some species and broken-down digestive systems.

Human Health
Microplastics – tiny plastic particles up to 5mm in diameter – find their way into food, water and air. It is estimated that each person on the planet consumes more than 50,000 plastic particles per year – and many more if inhalation is considered.
The burning of plastic waste has multiple health impact including risk of heart diseases and aggravating respiratory problems such as asthma and emphysema.

Climate Crises
Plastic is predominantly produced from oil and gas, both of which are fossil fuels. The more plastic we make, the more fossil fuel is required, the more we intensify the climate crisis.

We can all bring the change which is needed! Let´s beat Plastic Pollution together

One of the best ways but a difficult one to solve plastic pollution is by changing our mindsets and habits of shopping with plastic bags. We should refuse to use plastic bags. Business people could request payment from any customer for them.

Plastic may cause pollution when poorly managed but it has lots of advantages, too. Plastic is very resistant and long living. Many plastic items can be reused or used for a different purpose. Before throwing plastic items away, always think twice! Perhaps you can use it again.

To effectively reduce plastic pollution there is an evident need of reducing our usage of plastic which means changing our everyday behaviors. We should only use plastic when there is no alternative.

Plastic recycling consists of collecting plastic waste and processing it into new products to reduce the amount of plastic in the waste stream. Find the next plastic collecting station close to your community.

In order to increase awareness and behavioral change, people need to be educated on the
danger of plastic pollution to human and nature. Don´t be silent! Educate your friends, your family, your community and the society.

Spread the word!

You can download our flyer on Solutions to Plastic Pollution and share the information with your friends, family, colleagues and communities:

Solution to Plastic Pollution – Flyer

Find more information online:

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