The third documentary in our series “We for Nature. Nature for Us.” is about “The Kambui Hills – the crying forest”. The forest reserve is under great danger as it is getting smaller day by day.

The Kambui Hills Forest Reserve is not far from the Gola Rainforest. People who have been to Kenema some years ago will remember the beaty of the forest around the city, the fresh air and the relaxing cool climate. But seems like these days are gone. When you approach Kenema nowadays you can witness deforested hills, construction sites inside the protected areas and environmental destruction wherever you look.

We as Conservation Society of Sierra Leone are very alerted because of the fast speed of degradation. We call for emergency action now. The video shows how desperate the situation is and how important it is to act fast and to take the protection of the Kambui Hills Forest Reserve serious.

The audio of the video is in Krio and Mende. Switch on subtitles for the English translation.