To monitor the growth and survival of mangroves planted in July 2023 with funds from Wetlands International through PAPBIO, the Conservation Society of Sierra Leone (CSSL) made a site visit to examine the growth and survival of the mangroves on  11th February 2024.  

During the visit, the team that comprised the Project Manager, Abdulai Dauda , Livelihood Officer, Paul Musa Jr. and Woodie Bakie Koroma, Public Relations Officer of the Sierra Leone Artisanal Fishermen Union (SLAFU) observed that the majority (90%) of mangroves planted survived, and have grown to an average height of 3ft.

Mr. Osman Kargbo-Deputy Town Chief and member of the Mangrove Restoration Committee explained that the high survival rate of the new mangroves was because of the commitment and active participation of the community members in the restoration process. He added that, they served as local monitors for the mangroves. We can’t destroy what we have planted, he emphasised.

This therefore, reinforces the fact that community engagement immensely supports sustainable mangrove restoration.

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