Last week Saturday, the Conservation Society of Sierra Leone (CSSL) celebrated World Migratory Bird Day in Foria, Diang Chiefdom as part of the BftW project. Migratory birds are special – and so was the celebration.

Of course, it is not possible to celebrate an international bird day without a bird watching activity. The CSSL team from Kabala went on the bird watching with pupils and teachers from the five School Nature Clubs from Foria Junior Secondary School, RC Solia Primary School, Tarabiatul Primary School, RC Nyalluyia Primary School and RC Primary School.

It was so amazing to see all these birds which live just in our neighbourhood. I am very happy that I had the opportunity to be part of the bird watching. I am sure I will continue to look out for birds when I am at home.”

School Nature Club Pupil from Foria Junior Secondary School

After the bird watching activity the CSSL team engaged community members and explained why we celebrate World Migratory Bird Day all around the globe. The community members became aware of the global connection of habitats and the travelling routs of birds from Africa to Europa. As the theme this year was “WATER – sustaining bird life” the focus of the engagement was on the importance of clean water sources and what each and every person can do to sustain a healthy environment for birds, animals and humans.

The highlight of the day was the dance competition of SNC pupils. Dancing for migratory birds. The winners of the competition were applauded to and showed their happiest faces to the audience when their school was announced as the winner.

“It was just wonderful to see the children so motivated and engaged during the whole day. I am especially happy that they really enjoyed the bird watching and were eager to learn. We are more than content with the celebration of this day as we can see that all community members and other invited guests were able to increase their knowledge about birds, about environmental conservation and all this in a very nice atmosphere and in a perfect mood – also thanks to the amazing dance performances.”

Papanie Bai-Sesay, Senior Biodiversity and Project Manager CSSL

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